About the Artisan

A native of Virginia, Drew is from the Appalachian mountains of the southwest region.  His career in the construction industry has taken him to many destinations around the world.  While on site in Guyana Drew and his partners started a furniture company.  They used material from the Amazon jungle that had never been utilized as an exporting resource.  This venture created hundreds of jobs for the native people and the harvesting of these materials was eco-friendly to the canopy of the rain forest.  Drew’s unique furniture designs won first place in Guyana’s first trade expo.  This furniture was bought by exclusive hotels in the Caribbean and many European countries.

This was the beginning of Drew’s passion for building unique furniture designs.  After returning to the United States, Drew began studying rustic art.  He incorporated the same eco-friendly practices, using materials from nature, mixing driftwood, metals, antiques and leathers to create unique one-of-a-kind designs.